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Retail projects are complex, involving all kinds of documents from construction drawings to cut sheets to prototypes. Our Real Estate Program Library can house it all in a real-time internet-based cloud application, not across hundreds of hard drives. Simplify your building program with current and accurate files that reflect corporately adopted changes and revisions. Automated notifications alert relevant stakeholders of the latest document revisions, and “mark-up” functionality allows them to shoot back their comments. Keep your whole team on track with a home for your documentation that will last the lifetime of a real estate asset.

One location for it all

  • Home to retail and restaurant prototypes, brand standards, construction drawings, cut sheets, franchise information and more
  • Effective document collaboration to eliminate the departmental silos within your organization
  • Role and project-based access privileges
  • Version control eliminates redundant data in multiple places

Track progress and success

  • Mark-up and version control
  • Alert all project members of any document changes with automated notifications
  • Keep track of key program learning and incorporate best practices

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