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Unique needs of construction financial management

Don’t just settle for a generic solution, choose construction billing software, designed to meet your specific needs. Evoco’s construction invoice software allows vendors to submit electronic payment applications to meet the unique needs of construction billing, including retainage, percentage complete, holdback, and change order integration.

Built for real estate, design & construction departments, and AECs

fuze Invoice Management manages invoice submission, routing, approval, and dispute resolution processes. By reducing errors, streamlining processing times and improving valued vendor relationships, you have the ability to accurately report and forecast budgets and cash flow.

  • Construction & Professional Services Pay Application Form – Pay for services by percent of work complete or by dollar of work complete and retainage holdback
  • Change Order Integration – Invoice for only approved change order amounts through integration with fuze Change Management
  • Amounts Previously Invoiced and Amounts Outstanding – Automatically calculated
  • Billing Summary – Pay application details are automatically calculated in an executive summary
  • Work Breakdown Details – View detailed purchase order reports of original PO amounts, change order additions or deductions, and percent complete
  • Billing Period Enforcement – Prevent duplicate billing periods through enforced sequential billing periods
  • Attachments – Include all supporting documentation to invoice submissions in a central, searchable repository

Automation brings accuracy and efficiency to construction billing software

fuze Invoice Management provides an online, form based solution that integrates with your company’s ERP system.  Automate data points where errors commonly occur, such as project / PO details on submission, approval chain routing and authorization levels. This ensures accuracy of data and streamlines processes, which improves efficiency, reduces processing costs and allows for scalable processes.

Control budgets through construction financial management

Control budgets with enforcement that invoices cannot be submitted for amounts greater than approved purchase order values (including approved change order additions or deductions from fuze Change Managment). Billing periods must be sequential with no overlap to be accepted by the system. Track your spend and identify opportunities for volume discounts, supply standardization, and negotiate payment terms for improved cash flow.

Improve valuable vendor relationships with real time visibility of invoice status

Make your vendors want to work for you by providing them with a simple and easy to use tool to track invoice status from submission to payment, reducing calls and improving efficiency.

Why choose Evoco’s construction invoice software?

  • Streamline payment cycle with automated integration with financial systems, automated routing, action item notifications and no duplication of invoices
  • Accountability and auditing with digital signatures and audit history
  • Security through role based access permissions and digital signatures

fuze Invoice Management can be used on its own, or in combination with other fuze construction management modules.