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The 21st Century Clipboard

Gone are the days of being bound to your desk.  With the increasing number of portable business devices available, there is no need to be tied down, nor can you really afford to. Business today can take you down the street or around the globe and we want to ensure that fuze mobile is available to you anytime, anywhere.

The first solution available for the iPad is the most obvious; Inspections.  It just made sense to provide this solution on a mobile device so the inspections can conveniently be done on location. Plus the offline capability allows data to be entered and stored regardless of connectivity or coverage.


  • The power of fuze Inspections when you need it, where you need it
  • iPad based applications that allows you to perform the inspections in the field and on the go
  • Take pictures with your mobile device and easily add them to the Inspection Documents 

Offline Capability

  • Data is stored offline ensuring you can focus on the inspection without worrying about signal strength or losing your data 
  • Inspection is synced online at a later date