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Value of the Right Facility Condition Assessment for Visibility into the State of Assets

With hundreds or even thousands of locations it's a difficult decision to decide where your remodel dollars will have the greatest impact. Using paper forms to assess facilities and create a building condition report is a time consuming task and makes aggregate reporting and analysis challenging.

Facilities Management Software for an accurate and aggregated view of the state of your portfolio

Take control of fleet capital spending with fuze Inspection Management – FCA (Facility Condition Assessment). Assess the health of real estate assets across markets to determine how to allocate resources on maintenance and upkeep activities, including future repair and remodel projects. Our Facility Condition Assessment application allows facility assessors to conduct a facility condition assessment on site electronically.

  • Gain Insight into Facility Conditions – Consistently track, grade and create a building condition report on site with reliable data
  • Estimate Replacement Costs – Establish scope and priority weightings for each survey, then  stack rank your locations based on relative score
  • Prioritize Capital Reinvestment – Estimate costs, map in revenue and other external data on current conditions for greater visibility in capital spending allocation
  • Report at Aggregate Level – Compare multiple assessments, filter for analysis, and drill down to see site level details
  • Mobile Inspections – Collect and submit information, attachments and pictures on site, with Evoco's iPad application with no worries about signal strength and data loss
  • Custom Questionnaire Creation – Ensure facility assessors are measuring what you care about; industry developed retail and restaurant assessment forms, or design and customize your own
  • Easily Share Data and Reports – Enable smarter, faster decision making through secure, role based security and permissions online

Develop an accurate capital improvement budget and prioritize capital allocation with facilities management software

fuze Inspection Management –FCA allows you to prioritize and forecast remodel initiatives by analyzing asset condition data at a fleet level to rank real estate assets. Capitalize on warranty opportunities by sharing deficiency trends and patterns with your design and maintenance teams.

Capture data and create a building condition report in the field with configurable questionnaires and standardized forms

To meet the needs of construction professionals, facilities management software needs to be available to use on site even when there is limited connectivity. Users can collect data while offline and sync it later. Pictures, attachments and questions can be attached to forms for added clarity. With fuze Inspection Management – FCA, you can use industry developed retail and restaurant assessment forms or design and configure your own questionnaires to ensure facility assessors are measuring what you care about.

Why Choose Evoco's Facility Condition Assessment Solution?

Data collection without the guesswork

  • Standardized forms help capture accurate and meaningful data with the ability to attach pictures and documents to a building condition report as supportive backup
  • Standardized reporting ensures you are presented with an unbiased, high level snap shot; ideal for budget planning and identifying trends
  • Reduce the subjective nature of assessments by attaching images to questions to help clarify for assessors the difference between grades

Centralize all of your data

  • One repository for all initiatives from full-fledged condition assessments, as-built specifications, equipment inventory, conditions and footprints of locations and sites down to  signage reviews and equipment audits
  • Easily share the data and reports to enable smarter, faster decision making without overloading your email servers