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Importance of change management in construction

Change is inevitable in building programs and construction projects, but staying abreast of the volume of change orders is challenging. Change management in construction helps keep your construction projects on time and on budget.

Manage change orders and track budgets with construction contract management software

fuze Change Management brings real-time visibility and financial control by managing change orders submitted against capital projects, matched to purchase orders. This provides accurate and timely budget tracking and costing information. For building owners, architects, engineers, and contractors, online forms increase accuracy of documents submitted, while automated routing speeds approvals.

  • Visibility of Scope, Time, and Dollar Impact of Contractor Proposed Changes – View proposed changes real time through online contractor initiated change order forms
  • Owner / Owner Proxy Initiated Change Order Forms – Easily communicate changes, which are captured and stored online, with contractors receiving automatic email notifications
  • Approval Validation –Avoid losing approvals in email inboxes through automated approval chain routing and validation; approve, reject, return to vendor for adjustment, all online
  • Contingency Threshold – Receive notifications when your project is over a contingency threshold
  • Estimating – Send change forms to an estimating team for review prior to approval
  • Invoice Control – Allow vendors to invoice for approved budget amounts only, through integration with fuze Invoice Management
  • Attachments – Include all supporting documentation to change orders, so relevant information is stored together and can be easily reviewed at any time

Visibility gives strength to cost control and communication in construction job costing

Receive notifications and view changes to constructions projects in real time. With the ability to compare original budgets to uncommitted and committed change orders, accurate budget forecasting and tracking is much simpler. Categorizing changes and evaluating the impacts from past projects helps improve future decision making. Improve communication by providing visibility to all parties about the status and impact of changes using easily accessible and shareable reports.

Streamline change order processing through automation

fuze Change Management integrates with ERP solutions increasing the accuracy of data and automating the approval process thereby reducing errors and minimizing costly rework and time delays.

Why choose fuze Change Management?

Change/Control impacts and budget reporting through construction contract management software

  • Project tracking provides real-time visibility to changes in project scope, budget, and timelines
  • Construction job costing gives better insight for future project forecasting, with more accurate estimates of budget and timeline, based on reported impacts of change on past projects
  • Change order status updates and notifications facilitate communication; online status of change orders  reduces calls, while automatic emails notify parties of action items

Liability and Auditing

  • Reporting allows you to communicate accurate budgets and liabilities to compliance agencies and stakeholders
  • Approval validation ensures that the correct signatures and approval levels are provided through online approval routing
  • Audit history through version controlled forms provides an audit trail; all document versions are kept including any negotiation, adjustments, or estimates that happen in the course of the project

Security and automation

  • Secured access  allows you to grant as little or as much access to program and project data as needed based on a person’s role
  • System integration ensures that all systems are updated and reconcilable
  • Digital signatures guarantee the data integrity of forms with digital signatures and a required authentication key (PIN) to sign forms

fuze Change Management can be used on its own, or in combination with other fuze construction management modules.