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Construction bidding software for facilitated communication

Putting construction projects and programs out to bid can be a complex process; multiple internal and external parties need to work together with a large volume of documents, where change is the norm and communication is essential. The process is often time challenging and costly.

Construction bid software for a streamlined process between owners, AECs, & project managers

fuze Bid Management provides a collaborative solution for all parties involved, while providing visibility into all components of the bidding process. Evoco’s construction bid management software automates much of the bid process, scaling to handle volume efficiently.

  • Scales to Handle High Volume – Prepare, submit and award bids faster using online forms and automated notifications, with customizable templates and repeatable structures
  • Automatic Bid Comparison Matrix – Compare work breakdown and alternate costs for all submitted bids in a single report for easier evaluation
  • Facilitate Addenda Communication – Manage change throughout the bid process by creating and assigning addenda and sending automatic notifications to all involved parties
  • Manage Change and Invoicing of Winning Bid – Maintain full visibility of the project and the impacts of change through integration with fuze Change and fuze Invoice

Collaborate with internal and external parties more effectively
fuze Bid Management allows multiple participants to work together seamlessly throughout the bid process. Architects, engineers and consultants are able to contribute documents and address bid questions in a central online portal. Project managers can assign changes to relevant parties for action, notify contractors when changes are complete and can control the bid process with a complete history captured along the way.

Choose construction bidding software that scales to meet your needs
To handle volume, construction bid management software needs to be designed from the ground up to scale appropriately and remove many of the manual steps. The set up of configurable bid templates create a repeatable, customized project structure.  When new projects are put out to bid the system knows where to gather the correct documents for projects, can identify who participants might be and which security settings to assign, and even what notifications are required for various types of bids.

Why choose Evoco’s fuze Bid Management?

Streamline bid set up and submittals through automation

  • Bid forms create consistency across large build programs with customized forms matched to your business process
  • Automatic notifications provide timely alerts and reminders to keep all parties up to date
  • Bidder activity monitoring tracks who has accepted or declined a project including status of submittals
  • Bid checklist indicates required steps to be taken before a project goes out to bid

Facilitate addenda communication with construction bid software

  • Anonymous online Q&A  provides access for all bidders to a uniform set of questions, answers, updates and information
  • Addenda notification and tracking allows responsibility for changes to be assigned and includes automatic change notifications with required receipt acknowledgement
  • Control of information ensures bidders only see relevant documents and information through role based permissions

fuze Bid Management can be used on its own, or in combination with other fuze construction management modules