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Transforming Data into Information

Do you know how your stores are performing from a sales, brand and deficiency standpoint? Could you get me that report by lunch? It can be a daunting task to piece together the required data, across multiple sources, systems and teams, to provide the intelligence needed.  fuze Analytics does just that.  Through source data integration, fuze Analytics is able to combine the data within its resident applications, with that of your source system (SAP, JD Edwards, etc) to produce valuable business intelligence. Allowing you access to the information you need to make a real difference.


  • Delivers real business value by extracting data from integrated systems into insightful reports, quickly and easily
  • Our Enterprise Business Solutions team will seamlessly deploy fuze Analytics with your existing systems
  • No need to forklift out existing systems or solutions


  • Share information and insights via a secure, single access point
  • Online, all the time
  • No special hardware or desktop software required 


  • Combine data from multiple sources like finance, operations, and project management to create a pipeline view
  • Simplify business intelligence to identify trends or deficiencies, to get results faster
  • Make decisions based on the BIG picture, taking into account all factors