Home Depot


Home Depot®, one of the world's largest home improvement retailers, relied on an engineering firm to manually oversee their stormwater compliance. But after identifying opportunities for greater efficiency and cost savings, Home Depot decided to take ownership of their own stormwater program and began the search for a proven web based solution that would allow them to proactively identify compliance issues.


Home Depot selected Evoco's Stormwater Compliance to seamlessly integrate with their existing program management software, keeping all critical information in one place. Home Depot's team is able to quickly access an aggregated view of the entire Stormwater Compliance program, allowing them to identify sites which require attention. Digital signatures enable the team to submit inspection reports as originals without the hassle of paper copies.


  • Reduces time it takes to manage stormwater program by 30%
  • A standardized approach across the organization, Compliance officers can monitor compliance status in real-time with automated notifications of program deficiencies

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